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Marshland Tour

On 30th May, 2009, the Marsh Warblers, with invited friends, performed in costume in four parish churches on Romney marshes, in aid of church funds: Bonnington, Newchurch, St.Mary in the Marsh and Brookland.

Photos courtesy of Terry Shearing; Recordings courtesy of Alicia Arthur and Ros Young

St.Rumwold, Bonnington

St.Rumwold, Bonnington

Bonnington Bonnington Bonnington

Listen to some live recordings:
Cranbrook - music by Thomas Clark - 1min 40sec (785Kb)
Anthem: Lord for thy tender mercy's sake - music by Richard Farrant - 1min 58sec (916Kb)

St.Peter & St.Paul, Newchurch

St.Peter & St.Paul,

Newchurch Newchurch Newchurch

Some more live recordings:
Hymn of Thanksgiving - music by John Hill, Lydd - 2min 33sec (1.16Mb)
Gibraltar - music by W.J.White - 2min 31sec (1.15Mb)

St.Mary in the Marsh

St.Mary the Virgin,
St.Mary in the Marsh

St.Mary in the Marsh
St.Mary in the Marsh St.Mary in the Marsh St.Mary in the Marsh

Some more live recordings:
Sagina - music by Thomas Phillips - 2min 29sec (1.22Mb)
Cornhill - music by Thomas Clark - 2min 30sec (1.15Mb) ***
Cornhill can also be heard on our CD "Raise your Triumphant Song"

*** You can also listen to Cornhill and see some of these pictures in a "presentation" on YouTube


St.Augustine, Brookland

Brookland Brookland Brookland

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